House for Puri Gupta Sen

Three friends bought a plot of land between Ranikhet and Almora. A quiet road runs along the upper edge of the site. The land slopes 25 m (82 ft) down from the road. There is a beautiful view down to a sizeable forest and, on a clear day, beyond towards the peaks of the Himalayas.

The house has it's levels split to follow the contours of the land. The insulated, corrugated metal roof slopes in different directions in order to break up the mass. There are three bedrooms, a large drawing-dining and an open kitchen. Because of the steep slope, substantial earth cutting and filling had to be undertaken, with stone retaining walls to hold it all in place. An existing cottage next to the road was converted into a dispensary for Dr. Gupta.

Located outside the village of Deoli Khan, Uttarakhand, India, at an altitude of 1,751 m (5,745 ft). The site area is 2,498 sqm (2,984 sqyd / 13 nalis 2 mutthis). The floor area of the main house is 197 sqm (2,119 sqft), with 70 sqm (753 sqft) of verandas and balconies. The project was completed in Jun 2018. Structural engineering by Prajukti Consultants. Services engineering by Engineering Design & Consulting Organisation.

Site Plan

Site plan.

Site Plan

Upper floor plan. One enters the house through the veranda at the lower right.

Site Plan

Lower floor plan.

House from bottom of steps

The view of the house as one arrives at the bottom of the steps from the road.

Terrace near the house

There is a large flat terrace near the house.

Balconies and deck

A balcony wraps around the house, with a large cantilevered deck in front of the dining room.

Retaining wall

One of the stone retaining walls seen from a lower terrace.

House seen from a distance

The house seen from a distance.

Cantilevered deck

Side view of the house showing the cantilevered deck.

View from balcony

The view from an upper balcony.

Timber floor

The deck outside the dining room is finished with Brazilian ipe planks.


View of the large terrace from one of the balconies.

Dining room

The dining room is between the open kitchen to the left and the deck to the right. Stairs lead to bedrooms half a level up and half a level down.

View from interior

Large expanses of glazing open out to great views of the forest below.

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