House for Jyotsna and Rajat Sethi

This house used to be a 1½ storey building. We stripped away everything apart from the brick and concrete, then removed some of that as well. We added a lot to make it a 2½ storey building. There used to be a small light well that brought little light into the house. The walls were removed and it was topped with a skylight. Now light floods the centre of the house. The staircase divided the drawing room from the dining room. The stairs were relocated to allow a better flow of spaces. The driveway was removed to create a nice, enclosed front garden. That, with the terraces at every level, connects well with the park facing the house.

Located in Noida, Uttar Pradesh, India. The plot size is 203 sqm (242 sqyd) and the floor area is 286 sqm (3,075 sqft). The project was completed in Oct 2007. Structural engineering by GRC Structures. Services engineering by Engineering Design & Consulting Organisation.

Ground Floor Plan

Ground floor plan.

First Floor Plan

First floor plan.

Second Floor Plan

Second floor plan.


An exterior view from across the road. The house is finished in a combination of white plaster and beige Dholpur sandstone. The wooden slatted railings are oil-polished.


The garden leads to the front door, and large windows look into the drawing room.


A detail of the squares of beige Dholpur sandstone on the walls.


A view highlighting the sharp modern lines. From the first floor terrace, one looks up to the second floor terrace and roof.

Drawing Room

The drawing room looking out towards the front garden.

Drawing Room

The drawing room looking towards the courtyard and dining room.


The dining room looking towards the drawing room and courtyard. The skylight above and plants below bring the outside in.

Drawing Room

Lit niches for objets d'art adjacent to the bar in the drawing room.


The long, narrow kitchen was built in place of the former driveway.


The stairs from the ground to the first floor.

TV Lounge

On the first floor, the TV lounge connects the bedrooms.

TV Lounge

A custom ceiling feature livens up the TV lounge.


One of the ground floor bedrooms.


The first floor bedroom facing the terrace in front.


The second floor bedroom.

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