House for Priyanka and Pravin Malhotra

A couple with two children asked us to design a house for them. With one son in a wheelchair, the house had to be accessible. All the areas that are used on a daily basis, such as bedrooms and family spaces, are located on the ground floor. Less frequently used spaces, such as rooms for entertaining and guest bedrooms, are located on the upper floor. A large central courtyard, covered with a skylight, brings plenty of light into the centre of the home.

Located in Noida, Uttar Pradesh, India. The plot size is 450 sqm (538 sqyd) and the floor area is 595 sqm (6,398 sqft). The project was completed in Apr 2007. Structural engineering by GRC Structures. Services engineering by Integral Designs.

Ground Floor Plan

Ground floor plan.

First Floor Plan

First floor plan.

Second Floor Plan

Second floor plan.


An exterior view of the house.


An exterior view from the driveway. The house is faced with brick tiles.


The first floor veranda outside the drawing-dining.


White marble stairs with stainless steel railing.


The upstairs corridor leading to the drawing-dining.


The upstairs corridor looking into the courtyard. Windows to the drawing-dining are beyond.

Drawing Room

The drawing-dining on the first floor, meant for entertaining guests.

Drawing Room

The drawing-dining on the ground floor, meant for family use.


The ground floor kitchen.


The pooja room.


The master bedroom.

Powder Room

The powder room under the stairs.

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