Corporate Office for IHHR Hospitality

IHHR Hospitality is known for its Ananda spa resorts and Ista business hotels. They required a new, enlarged corporate headquarters. We provided lots of open office space with separate enclosures for the directors. Light, subtle colours and the use of lots of glass ensures an airy, comfortable feel.

Located in New Delhi, India. The office is 677 sqm (7,275 sqft) on three floors. The project was completed in Jun 2006. Services engineering by Ener Save Consultants.

Basement Plan

Basement plan.

Ground Floor Plan

Ground floor plan.

First Floor Plan

First floor plan.


The reception has a large desk and is well lit.


The ground floor corridor with stairs to the left and sales department in front.


First floor corridor leading to the accounts department.


First floor corridor. Artistic black-and-white photographs of Ananda in the Himalayas are hung all around the office.


The projects office is on the left. A director's office is behind the glass.

Open Office

Open office in the sales department.

Open Office

A desk in the sales department.


The projects office.


A director's office.

Meeting Room

A meeting room.

Conference Room

The main conference room.


One of the powder rooms.

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