House for Rashmi and Anil Nayar

A retired couple based in Delhi wanted to build a house on a quiet hillside near Dehradun. The level site is 5 m (16') above the road. The driveway goes up half way to a garage below the servant quarters. This block faces the road and provides privacy to the rest of the plot. The huge garden is anchored by a large, old mango tree. The main house is at the rear of the plot. Beyond, the land drops into a shallow valley and then rises high above. This is the best view. The 4-bedroom house is spread out across the ground floor. The first floor contains a small healing and meditation centre with covered and open terrace space.

Located in Dehradun, Uttarakhand, India. The plot size is 2,723 sqm (3,253 sqyd) and the floor area is 993 sqm (10,679 sqft). Designed between Dec 2011 and Sep 2012, this project was not built. Landscape architecture and services engineering by Integral Designs. Structural engineering by P. Arora & Associates.

Site Plan

Site plan.

Ground Floor Plan

Ground floor plan.

First Floor Plan

First floor plan.

Main House

The large garden with the main house at the back.

Main House

The entrance veranda leading to the drawing room, with the master bedroom to the left.

Main House

The rear veranda facing the hills.

Main House

An overhead view of the back of the house.

Garage and Servant Quarters

The street-facing garage and servant quarters shield the rest of the plot.

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