House for Geeta and Sujat Vora

A family of four lived in a three-bedroom apartment on the first floor of a house. They felt the need to expand their space. We did an intensive renovation of the existing floor and added another one above.

The existing external staircase was designed to connect individual apartments. We needed an internal staircase to link the two floors of the proposed expansion. The house was split into a distinct front and rear by two outdoor courtyards. The rooms needed to be tied together better. Any interventions had to avoid cutting off light to the ground floor apartment. We joined all these requirements by building a frosted glass floor across one of the courtyards and creating internal stairs. This double-height space was topped by a skylight. This new atrium served to link the front and rear, as well as the upper and lower levels, of the apartment. The skylight and glass floor ensured that light flooded the atrium as well as the floor below.

Located in New Delhi, India. The plot size is 248 sqm (296 sqyd). The old apartment was 161 sqm (1,726 sqft). The new apartment is 339 sqm (3,642 sqft). The project was completed in Jan 2007. Structural engineering by GRC Structures.

First Floor Plan

First floor plan.

Second Floor Plan

Second floor plan.

Drawing Room

The drawing room.


The atrium as seen from the bottom of the internal stairs. The drawing room is to the left and the dining room is to the right. Objet d'art niches are backed by frosted glass, letting in sunlight in the daytime.


The atrium as seen from the entrance. The dining room is visible through the window. The frosted glass floor supports light furniture.


The atrium as seen from in front of the dining room. The drawing room is visible through the window. Each step of the staircase is cantilevered from the walls.

TV Lounge

The TV lounge, adjacent to the kitchen, makes an informal gathering place for the family.


The large kitchen is well lit by the large window to the open courtyard.

Atrium Skylight

The skylight enclosing the atrium is seen from the foot of the internal stairs. The window opens to the enclosed patio.

Patio Skylight

The enclosed patio is covered partly by a slab and partly by a series of small skylights.


The terrace in front of the covered patio is a favourite place for family barbecues.


A bedroom with a cheerful orange accent wall and tiled flooring.


A bedroom with a green accent wall and wooden flooring.


A bathroom with plenty of storage cabinets.

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